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Status: OnlineUsers: 3 / 32

• Usernames
Use the same nickname on TeamSpeak 3 as on the game-server.

• Disturbing talks
If you disturb other users talks, you will get punished.

• Swearing
Do not swear, the friendly style is welcome.

• Noise
We want you to setup your microphone correctly, so it does not record any weird noises. Please deactivate your microphone while you're eating.

• Join & leave
No matter if server or channel, quick joining is not allowed.

• Arguement
Keep your arguements private, we're not interested in them.

• Listen to staff
Do what the staff says, else you will get punished.

• Punishments
No one will get punished without a real reason.

• File Transfer
You're not allowed to upload any copyrighted or pornographic media.

• Copyrighted media
The user is responsible for publishing or uploading copyrighted media.

• Checking talks
Every staff is permitted to join private channels or move users

• Advertising
If no staff allowed you to advertise, you will get punished for uploading files or sending messages containing advertisement.

• Attacks
IP-Addresses are logged and used in case of an attack.

• Clan Tags
Abusing clan tags will get you banned for one week, if you do it again, you will be permanently banned from our servers.

• Changing rules
The rules can be changed at any time. Every user is supposed to inform him self about changes.

By joining our TeamSpeak 3 Server, you accept the rules.